Private equity is the bridge between the promising entrepreneurs' ideas and their successful realization. Advance Equity Holding is the Bulgarian analogue of the private equity and venture capital funds active in the developed economies. 





Petar Kerezov
Executive Director of Advance Equity Holding

Basic Information

Advance Equity Holding is a private equity investor with a mid- to long-term interest in private (non-listed) companies. The firm provides financing to promising business projects for a certain share of their equity.

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Investment Strategy

Advance Equity Holding takes a general investment approach, evaluating projects and operational businesses from different industries of the Bulgarian economy. Within the scope of the preferred investments are mainly those which could benefit from the economic development of Bulgaria and its integration in the common market of the European Union.

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Investment Objectives

The leading objective of Advance Equity Holding is to seek a long-term capital appreciation for its shareholders. This is pursued through structuring of a portfolio of private companies and participating directly in their strategic management.

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